About me

Hi, I am Johannes.

I am a data analyst and researcher based in Dublin, Ireland. Professionally, I have had the privilege to work in analytical and data-oriented roles for some of the most admired companies around the globe. Currently, I work in ads analytics at Facebook. Prior to Facebook, I oversaw web analytics at HubSpot and was a member of Google’s Webspam team for four years.

Below this, you can see some contributions I have made.

About my blog

I run a personal blog on this website, which I use as my outlet for my own curiosity and learning. I aspire to publish in-depth articles on various topics with an analytical and numerical lens or a corresponding approach to understand and make sense of the world. I call the blog “analytics blog” as I see the domain of analytics as the bridge between data and decision making. My goal is to disseminate knowledge as part of which I like to grow a global readership and to connect with like-minded people during this shared learning journey. I am not following the usual blogging playbook of finding a topical niche for your blog to be able to monetize the blog. I am interested too broadly in the world to only write about one topic, so I like to establish my own stylistic niche, meaning independent of topical focus, I aspire for every blog post to:

  • contain a strong analytical approach in the form of used data, data visualization and specific examples,
  • provide long form contents with a lot of details and an unusual level of topical depth for online articles, and
  • omit post monetization in the form of ads to provide a clean reading experience.

In terms of the breadth of topics, I wanted to set out the categories at the beginning and wanted them to be reflective of my (and potentially other people’s) expected learning journey and future perspective. I will publish blog posts across the following five broad topic areas:

  • Business & Technology,
  • Investing & Finance,
  • Economics & Politics,
  • Culture & Society and
  • Mindset & Philosophy.