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I offer in-depth insights on what data analytics can do for business. My posts are written with a strategic perspective for business owners as to whether an initiative can be right for a business, as well as with technical and executional details for data analysts as to how to approach it. I have been in analytical roles since 2012, both at Google and presently at HubSpot, and I only write about what I have done or experienced myself. I like to keep it real. Currently, my publication focus is on analytics for digital marketing.

About Johannes

Johannes Mehlem is a business thinker and analyst based in Dublin, Ireland. Currently, he oversees web analytics at HubSpot, a Boston based marketing & sales software company. Prior to joining Hubspot, he was a member of Google’s Webspam team for four years. As part of his role at Google, he was a webmaster advocate and had the chance to speak to wide audiences. He has appeared in English- and German-speaking publications such as Search Engine Land,, Website Boosting and CHIP. Johannes is a fellow of GIZ, German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH, and has lived and worked in four countries. A native of Germany, he pursued degrees in Media Management (B.A.), E-Business & Innovation (M.Sc) and currently Data Analytics (M.Sc).

[Also, he enjoys writing occasionally in the third person about himself for his Bios :)]

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Thought exchange: I am always available to simply exchange thoughts on business, analytics and more

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